I am ridiculously passionate about all things branding.

I have been developing and designing brands since I was 13 years old — starting with my first job, rearranging the displays at the gift shop, to later creating marketing campaigns for the luxury spa I managed, to designing marketing materials at a New York print shop for local businesses, to launching my own design business more than 20 years ago.

Being educated in psychology and art history in college, along with my insatiable love for any type of design, passion for technology, and uncanny ability to read vibes has made me a master of learning about others’ dreams and goals, then creating and communicating a formula to help them achieve those dreams and goals.

I have worked with companies to turn their unclear, easily dismissed brands into sophisticated, noticeable brands that have been recognized and featured by Google, and can be found in Target, Minted, Etsy and Pottery Barn.

There is little I love more than to help make dreams come true — by sharing my crazy passion to help entrepreneurs just like myself get from where they were to where they want to be!


P.S. Now that you know more about me, tell me about you!

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