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Nicky Pink & Co. was created from a profound desire to bring forth quality, excellence, beauty, and service to the world of branding and website design. Marrying a luxury aesthetic with a clean, user-focused website, the goal was always to carry forth a message of integrity on behalf of the clients it served.

For over ten years, Nicky Pink & Co. has had the pleasure of working with an incomparable collective of entrepreneurs, all of whom brought their unique offerings to the world with compassion, service, and style.

The passion that Nicky Pink & Co. held for discovering, defining, and showcasing the authentic and unique essence of each individual brand was given an immense amount of satisfaction with every client they worked with.

Now, it's time for expansion.

Headed up by Nicole Flores, NP&Co. has acquired an extraordinary amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to building a brand. We have come to the realization that we can serve so many more people to help them define and grow their brands by teaching what we know. Among our new goals is reaching the few who can influence the many.

Stay in touch for our redesigned website and new and exciting service offerings. To reach us in the meantime, please send us a message below.

Nicole Flores

Nicole Flores is a coach and consultant for global brands. She has over 20 years experience as the CEO and Creative Director of an international company that specialized in brand development and building independent digital platforms that integrated community, academics, public events, and personal brands.

As a gifted intuitive, Nicole now applies her expansive knowledge and creativity to serve thought leaders and agents of change to help them transition their ideas from mission to reality.

Nicole is also an international speaker, author, and teacher with a deep passion for understanding, strategy, and empowerment. 

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